How to set up a cron job on Windows

As you probably know, the easiest way to implement automatic monitoring of your services is by creating a periodic job on your system. On Linux-based machines this is quite easy, and lots of hosting panels provide web-based configuration tools. But on Windows, setting up a cron job can be a real pain. One user of PHP Server Monitor, Robert Inzano, has taken the time to put together a step by step tutorial on how to set up cronjobs on Windows. Please see attached PDF file for the complete walk-through.

Robert, thanks for your time and effort!

The PDF can be downloaded from this link.

3 thoughts on “How to set up a cron job on Windows

  1. Sammie is a job scheduler service. It works exactly like crontab in Unix / Linux except that it can call a URL instead of executing a command.

  2. reisan

    i have tried php.exe from my uniserver pointing to the stats update php but all servers are down, if i execute it from webbrowser after logging in they are okay


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