PHP Server Monitor v3.1.1 released

I am pleased to announce the immediate availability of version 3.1.1.

Click here to download the latest version.


  • Added Czech translation.
  • Added Polish translation.
  • Added Turkish translation.
  • Updated 6 existing translations.
  • Added SSL/TLS option for SMTP.
  • Allow URL and timeout to be passed as argument to the cronjob.
  • Fixed uptime percentage above 100%.

Full changelog available here.

To install the release, upload the files to your webserver and run install.php, which will guide you through the process. If you are upgrading from v3.1.0, it is not necessary to run install.php. For more detailed information including upgrading from previous versions, please read the install guide.


28 thoughts on “PHP Server Monitor v3.1.1 released

  1. Bert

    FIrst of all – Many Thanks ! This tool is one of the best ever seen.
    Looks great even mobil – is fast and does 100% what it is made for /bow

    If I could do Ping/ICMP polls my dreams would become true 😉

    best regards

  2. alex s

    We have close to 20 servers, and i recently installed php server monitor, which is great and i love it, but i’m wondering – would it be somehow be possible to check for certain services that need to be running that do not expose themselves to the internet.

    In example, i want to make sure that iptables is running / active on all our servers, we use process managers like supervisord (specifically supervisord can be configured to expose it’s own port, but i’m wondering) if these things are possible at all, i guess a not very php server monitor specific question. we got hacked at least 5 times through one of our exposed services that would normally be blocked by the firewalls, but those few times firewall wasn’t reset properly and did come back ON after some config changes

    Thank you

  3. Stefan K


    very cool tool, looks like you are not longer spend time in developing … currently I do not realy see an alternative … there is no smal and greal looking tool like this 🙂

    thanks …

    1. Marc

      Amazing program – thanks!!

      But I also agree with mik – shouldn’t the install.php file be removed once the initial installation is complete?

      Thanks again!!

  4. Peter

    Great monitoring tool for first heads-up if an issue exists. Also great for analyzing historic data.
    Serves perfectly my need, and sharing it with my colleagues, but wouldn’t trust it in a high availability setup.
    For issue analysis one can just see that in a certain time period there was high latency, but not why. Of course not. It’s an external system.

  5. osher motyano

    first the php server monitor is a great tool ! so thank you
    im trying to set the SMSGlobal service without success .got “Error in SMS sending” alert

    im sure i set the gatway username and password correctly –
    also when i try from url on browser with api credentials is send the sms .
    so it look like something wrong with the php server monitor code ..
    it running on cpanel with root access – support all php verions – apache server and mysql server .

    maybe i need to enable somthing on the server services ?
    please help .

  6. licafe

    Hello team.
    I want copy text in page phpserver monitor.
    I Want create option search device in page .
    who Can you help me ?
    thanks team

  7. Johannes


    I Love this tool but since PHP 7 i can not connect to the database.
    Do I have to stick on PHP 5.6?

    best regards

    1. David Mabaso


      YOu need to manually change the file called ‘config’.

      this will then automatically login to the new DB.

      this happened to me as well.

      I am compiling a bug fix, hopefully the owner will hear my cry 🙁

      David M

  8. Klaus

    Hi, great!

    I am new with the cron job thing..
    I add a cronjob on thge server where I run your monitoring tool. After start and check I get this:
    HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
    Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2018 04:48:47 GMT
    Server: Apache/2.4.27
    X-Powered-By: PHP/7.1.10
    Upgrade: h2c
    Connection: Upgrade
    Transfer-Encoding: chunked
    Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8

    404 Not
    FoundNot FoundThe requested URL
    /cron/status.cron.php was not found on this server.

    the cron looks like that:
    which is the correct path
    see here:

    or do I need to start the cron like this:

    If I do this then no error, but also nothing happens?!


    1. Fast

      How to set auto-update server status in PHP Server monitor otherwise I have to manually update. now the server is working properly.


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