PHP Server Monitor v2.1.0 released

And again, it has been a while since the last release. But at last, a new update is now available for download. The 2.1.0 release of PHP Server Monitor contains several updates contributed by the open source community, for which a big thanks to everyone (see the README file for credits). One of the contributions is a brand new layout using Twitter Bootstrap to give the monitor a fresh look.

Click here to download the latest version.

An overview of the changes:
– Merged PHP Server Monitor Plus project (the Twitter Bootstrap layout).
– In addition to HTTP status code check, regular expression search has been added to check for certain content on a website.
– New SMS providers: Mosms and Textmarketer.
– New languages: Korean, Portuguese / Brazilian.
– Large status page.
– Cronjob will be prevented from running multiple times (with a 10 minutes timeout).
– New install module.

The folder structure of the project has been changed quite a bit, including the name and format of the config file. In order to upgrade to the latest version, it is recommended to replace all files EXCEPT with the files from the new release, then navigate to the install.php script. The install script will guide you through the upgrade process. It will update your current database to keep your servers, users and settings.

If you are installing for the first time, just upload all your files to your webserver and navigate to the install.php script.
For more information please go to the project page (, or if you want to contribute you can clone the git repository from

Thanks to every one for using server monitor. Bug reports and feature requests are most welcome.


2 thoughts on “PHP Server Monitor v2.1.0 released

  1. Simon

    Hi Pep,

    Thanks for the new release – have used your program for a while now!

    I know this is a cheeky request with it being an open-source project and it’s in your time, but a really useful feature for me (and others I’d hope) might be an option to only send email/text alerts once there have been a certain number of connection failures?


    first failure – logged, but no email/sms sent yet – status could be “yellow” as opposed to red/green.

    second failure – email/sms triggered.

    Or perhaps the number of failures to finally trigger the email/sms could be changeable?

    I monitor about 50-60 services on 20-30 machines, but find often I get false alarms as it’s just been a temporary Internet problem (ADSL line bogged down or something), then 20 minutes later I get a “RUNNING” notification. This would reduce the number of notifications I receive quite substantially 🙂

    Other than that, sincere thanks for an excellent project 🙂



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