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  1. Roshan

    How come there is no documentation on SMS gateways. I am using Clickatell and they have different products – Communicator and Developer API product. Which one should you be choosing? I tried choosing both and neither worked with the script?

    I checked Logs and they are showing that its been sent…no errors there. Is there anything I can do to fix this?


    1. Pep Post author

      Hi Roshan,
      The SMS gateway documentation / structure definitely needs a lot of work. Most of the gateway functionality has been provided by different users and it is on my todo list to refactor that part for a next release.
      I just a look at the Clickatell implementation and there is one thing I had completely forgotten.. For Clickatell an app_id must be given, and it is currently hard-coded in the gateway implementation.
      For now, open the file “src/psm/Txtmsg/Clickatell.class.php” in an editor, and go to line 56. You should see a place to enter your app id from clickatell, which should hopefully resolve this issue.


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