PHP Server Monitor v3.0.0 released

After 2 months of hard work, I am pleased to announce the immediate availability of version 3.0.0, featuring user authentication and history graphs for your servers.

Click here to download the latest version.


  • Added user login system with 2 user levels (administrator and regular user).
  • Added history graphs of server uptime and latency.
  • Added warning threshold option (set number of failed checks before server goes offline).
  • Added SMTP support.
  • Adding Bulgarian language file.
  • Status page is now default homepage.
  • Date and time formats are taken from language file and localized per language.
  • When checking a website, the updater will now follow 302 Location headers.
  • String/pattern search on websites did not work for websites with compression turned on.
  • Improved mobile compatibility.

Full changelog available here.

To install the release, upload the files to your webserver and run install.php, which will guide you through the process. For more detailed information including upgrading from previous versions, please read the included install file.

Thanks to everyone who has helped out and for all the positive feedback I have received. Bug reports and feature requests are most welcome (either via github or by mail to pep at neanderthal-technology com).


PS: This release was originally planned as v2.2, but because of the amount of changes to the back-end and new features I have decided to bump the version number to 3.0. If you have made any local changes to your installation, please check the git history to see what has been changed.

Update 2014/04/09: In contrary to what the README suggests, the minimum PHP version required is 5.3.7 instead of 5.3. See this issue for details and for a workaround to make it run on previous versions.

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